Yes, Still Checking Out Those January Watch Sales

We are still casually browsing the net, pretending to read news about Harold’s long list of imaginary grievances, but secretly checking out the wristwatch bargains online. Someone has to. Here’s what we found;


Some sharp designs at this Indie brand and there’s a handy 20% off anything above $100, just apply code C20 at checkout. Simple as that. The discount code lasts until the 22nd of January by the way. Considering models like the Hyperion chrono or the Hyperion Ocean dive model already have some beefy price reductions, we think it’s worth a look.


Might not be your thing, but many people love the super slim Skagen designes and their plain, understated dials. Apart from the faff of prising open their cases to swap batteries, we like some Skagen fashion watches too. They make nice everyday watches, especially if the price is right.

So the Ancher all-black mens chronograph, now at £84, is worth considering. The Grenen three hand in blue is £79, rather than the RRP of £150. The Grenen chrono is £79 too.


Talking of fashion watches, Timex make something for everyone these days, quartz or auto, 80s digital retro, or sharp dive style homage.

A 38mm Q model at £123 is a decent reduction of about 50 quid on list, although it’s still an expensive quartz watch for many tastes. However the T80 Space Invaders arcade game themed model is now just £68 if you are on a tight budget.

The Allied chronograph at £95 offers Indiglo night light, mid-size 42mm case width and 100m of water resistance. Nice all rounder at that money.



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