Watch Sales Round Up: Best Online Deals We Spotted

OK, time for another scout around the web to see if we can find some tempting January Sale prices.


We love the Seiko Batman in blue and black, which features the trusty NH35 movement, 40mm case, Merc hands plus big cyclops magnifier. At £235, down from £320 this one is a decent buy.  Also at £255 there’s a rose gold and two-tone bracelet 40mm Seiko MOD model, which we think stands out from the crowd a bit. The only downside is that it’s rated at just 60m depth, which is a shame for something that looks pure dive watch.


The UK jeweller always has a good January Sale and is an official dealership for most Swiss brands. They do pre-owned too, so if there’s a branch near you pop in and make an offer – you never know.

ON the CH website we spotted a Grand Seiko Elegance with £900 off the RRP. Then again, a TAG Autavia with blue dial at £2190 is a nice saving of about 400 quid off retail, plus it’s watch you will easily find a buyer for if you get tired of it.

A Tissot PRX auto at £495 has to be one of the best value ways into Swiss watches if you are a newbie, that’s a £100 off list and surely a future classic. More at the CH site here.


The Chester based biz is a Seiko and Hamilton specialist, but disappointing to see just two Seiko models under £200 in the Sale. Those were Field models, which can be picked up pre-owned in mint condition from about £100-£120.

If you fancy a Maurice Lacroix automatic then WN has a blue dial Aikon at £1880, which looks the part although we aren’t fans of the Aikon’s bezel, with its two-tone flecks. Basically almost 2K is a huge sum for a watch with a tweaked Sellita SW200 movement, and the Maurice Lacroix brand doesn’t have the same pulling power on the secondhand market as say a Tudor, TAG or even an Oris.

Let’s move on.


The watch specialist always has god savings on Swiss, German and British brands, so what caught our eye?

A Bremont Supermarine Descent in powder blue strap and black dial colours is tempting with a £1000 off retail. Still £3500 however.

A huge reduction of over £1300 on a Bell+Ross blue steel is worth a look. The Bell aviation watches have a loyal fanbase and the deep blue dial on this one is stunning. Now down to £3150. Another eye-catcher is the Accutron Space View, with a healthy £900 off list price. Yes, £2233 is a heck of a price to pay for an electronic watch, but it’s a genuinely collectors item for the future. Look at those turbo wheels man!

We think that you could gamble on the Junghans 1972 oval shaped watch being a rare thing in the future, but at £1673 it’s quite a bit of cash to wager. Oddball looks, orange disco shirt dial, bullhead chrono pushers and that classic 70s rally strap perforation vibe. It is £2440 retail if that sways the argument for you.

You know something a Delma Continental with blue dial at just £1290 is a sweet deal, as this watch uses the Sellita SW512, an upgrade of the venerable ETA 7750 movement. You still find that 7750 in many Indie brands and most of them charge nearer 2K than 1K.  The Delma does everything a vintage 60s/70s Breitling Top Time can do, but at half the money. On that basis, we say yes to the left-field Delma.

More at CW Sellors site here.




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