SINN Invests in The Future With Apprenticeships

Watchmaking is part vocation, part job. Ask most watchmakers why they do it and they’ll tell you it’s a fascination with engineering, fixing things, solving problems, plus creating something unique and analog in a digital world. So it’s great to see SINN investing in training the next generation. Here’s the word;

Sinn Spezialuhren welcomes two apprentices as 1st year watchmakers. At the Frankfurt-based watch manufacturer, the apprentices will learn to combine the latest technologies with the craftsmanship of traditional watchmaking.

SINN has been successfully training watchmakers for many years, thus contributing to the preservation of a traditional craft.

Watchmaking is now part of UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage. Sinn Spezialuhren, for example, currently employs six apprentices in three apprenticeship years. “At SINN, simultaneous, intensive training in traditional craftsmanship and modern technology is of equal importance. In this way, we guarantee the permanent updating of our quality standards. We promote our own new generation of skilled workers. And as a medium-sized company, we make our contribution to expanding the number of apprenticeships on offer,” the two trainers Sven Gerbig (not pictured) and Hermann Josef Müller proudly explain the apprenticeship situation.


[Caption.] SINN watchmaker apprentices with trainer and master watchmaker Herrmann Josef Müller (Ben Moroff, Jan Schöpper, Joshua Wild, Hermann Josef Müller, Marvin Frank, Anna-Maria Agricola, Roman Ishikow from left to right)


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