OK, Let’s Do Some Black Friday Sales & Deals

There are so many Black Friday emails in th NWC Inbox it’s hard to start listing them all, but here are some we thought represented genuinely good discounts.


The UK brand has £100 off some selected models and given the hand built nature of these retro styled automatics we think that is worth considering. The SA2 model is now £245 and the beautiful Streamliner is £445, down from £545. Discounts apply until 28th November by the way.

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Right if you love MOD watch builds then getting meteorite dials, bezels, decorated rotors, cases etc for your next Seiko homage is very handy indeed. Singapore based LA is a specialist so you get 10% off with the BF10 code at checkout, or apply BF20 if you spend over SGD$300, which is about £180 Sterling.

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There are new models appearing very soon from Yema, so the brand is clearing the decks with some tempting offers. You can get 40% off selected models and the Superman Bronze is a winner at $649, down from over a thousand bucks. Lovely green dial too.

A Superman Heritage is now $749, with 40% off the RRP and the blue dial diver offer over 900 feet of resistance, plus a bezel lock, which some might say is essential on any pro divers watch. Yema also has 30% off more models, so a Rallygraf quartz is down to $279 -tres bon. More here. 


The motorsport brand has a very long code; AUTOBFCM 2022, which you need to apply at checkout on orders over $200. The Black Friday discount gets you 20% off and the Prototipo chronograph remains our fave model. At £775 it’s an expensive watch for something with a meca-quartz inside the retro case. Beautiful dial, but there are lots of nice automatic chronos out there for the same money.

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Fashion brand MVMT is a bit poor really, but if you are shopping for a relative that annoys you, then getting 50% off a MVMT watch is a smart move. Stuff like the Raptor, which is a quartz Patek lookalike, with a bronzey dial and big pushers is down to £153. Still think you are betetr spending £150 ona  Citizen or Seiko solar frankly.

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Marathon make some rugged adventure watches and so 20% off for Black Friday – valid until 29th November – is handy. The Desert Tan Navigator is now £352, down from £440. An Arctic Edition dive model, with 41mm case, gas tube lume and 300m resistance is now £1264. A Desert Tan General Purpose quartz on a NATO strap is £212 and at 34mm across, it is designed to slide under your shirt or jacket to stay out of the wet weather.

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The US brand is known for big watches and bold colours so an extra 10% off for Black Friday is welcome. You need the BFOC10 code at checkout and it’s valid sitewide. There are also some models with 45% off the RRP. We like the Saturn V TJ quartz at $320, or maybe the P51 titanium automatic is on your wishlist?

This Valjoux ETA 7750 powered watch is now $1090, down from $1470 and show us where you can get a new 7750 movement watch for less. Limited, numbered edition too.

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They’re keeping it simple, with a nice 30% off most of the Timex range for Black Friday week. The code is BLACKFRIDAY30 at checkout by the way.

Some collectors love all things Snoopy, so a Marlin auto at £170 rather than £249 is useful. Take off another 30% and it gets tempting..

The M79 auto is one of our faves, especially with the Batman blue/black bezel and at £259, less 30 %, that comes out at about £181, which is OK for something with a Miyota movement inside. The Weekender Indiglo quartz is down to £41 and with 30% chopped off that reduces the price to £28.70, which is basically Limit money. Nice Field style dial on that one too.

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