Crafter Blue Bon Voyage; Classic Chrono Style for $299

This classic styled Bon Voyage model from Crafter Blue is a nice 70s style watch, with a Seiko meca-quartz VK series movement inside the 42mm case. It has the usual sapphire crystal, but the dial is enamelled, not just printed on, which is a beautiful old school touch. Most 19th century pocket watches had enamel dials back in the day and they wear very well.

You can choose an Italian leather strap too, or silicone rubber, if you want to venture under water. You get both straps as part of the deal. Resistance is rated at 100m by the way.

We think it works well on leather, as a dress watch with a little motorsport vibe going on too.

Most of all, this is just great value in a time of watch price inflation, so we say it’s worth a look here.

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