Say Hello to Varon Chiri Watches, South Korea

It’s a great thing democracy. It gives people freedom to create things with their own money and spend that cash on whatever they want, rather than live in a feudal or communist system, where the State/Crown ultimately owns everything. Including you.

There is a great democracy in watchmaking in the 21st century as well. You can buy movements like the Miyota 9000 series online, sources cases, dials, bezels and more and start producting your own brand watches easily. It used to be a kind of cartel in the past, but there is a lvel playing field now – enjoy it while it lasts.

So, intro to Varon Chiri. Founded this year, this South Korean brand is launching their first model the Balzer on Kickstarter now. It has a range of dial colours, a 38mm case width and is very slim, at under 10mm on the wrist. Classic three hand dress watch and we like the Rolex type foldover clasp too – nice wooden box comes with the Blazer as well.

It has something of a Grand Seiko look from some angles too and we love the blue dial best. The green is a close runner up however, nice sunray edge to it.

Pre-order deals on Kick start at US$420 by the way.

Verdict; Great value alternative to many Indie brand automatics and as a new brand, this one has that collectors item factor being the first edition, so to speak.

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