Hamilton Khaki Field Gets The 38mm Treatment

Hamilton has a new, slightly more compact version of its Khaki Field watch online.  At 38mm it’s exactly right some might say, since a field watch really needs to be small enough to be tucked away under your North Face anorak, as you ramble the hills and moors. Especially in Britain, where it rains a fair bit.

Simple black dial, cream coloured numerals on the track, railway stylee. We love that. It works, so don’t mess with it.

Price at £820 it isn’t outrageously expensive for a Swiss watch, although there are rivals like the Seiko Alpinist, Boldr Expedition, or even the Timex Expedition quartz. Then we have a whole raft of Casio G-Shocks that can do the outdoor thing extremely well, although they are big watches, often over 46mm across.

See-thru case on the Murph, so you can show off the H10 movement.  We think at this price level, given the stock Khaki Field is about £550, you should get a silicone strap as part of the deal. Just saying.

Here’s the Hamilton promo video FYI

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