Zodiac Olympos Three Hander: Field Watch With Wider Vision

The new Zodiac Olympos field watch taps into those classic WW11 officers watches, with simple lines and clear numbers. The graduated tones on the dial give it that vintage, weathered look too. A classic three hand auto, it has the STP1-11 Swiss movement inside, which is something of a benchamark unit in many Indie brand watches.

The Zodiac crosshair logo adds a military edge to the dial, although this isn’t your typical MWC milspec rival..

What stands out is the Zodiac case styling, with its shoulders sticking out, a little bit art deco. The winding crown is also set at 2 o’clock, which again adds some presence.  Zodiac call the case a Manta, after the ray, but we think it’s more Odeon cinema, vintage 30s radio speaker or Heinz beanz label. It works in terms of making this model a touch different from the average field watch. Not quite so functional, slightly dress watch.

Viewed side on, the case has a nice polished steel curve to it, bit like the MHD indie watches.

Priced at $895 it’s a tad expensive, you pay for that Zodiac name, plus the little finishing touches that make this a sharper package than say an entry level Seiko field, a Bulova Military or a Davosa Military, which we saw rediced on Jura watches website at £451.

If you like the Zodiac there’s more info on their site here.



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