New Farer Swann Chronograph is Edgy, Retro & Elegant

Farer has new chronograph on its site and we love the purple dial Swann version. The classic style chrono has soft-edged button pushers, a 39mm case, plenty of lume, plus sapphire crystal and see-thru caseback. At £2095 this is a luxury priced Swiss movement wristwatch, albeit entry level when compared to some Oris, Hamilton’s Intra-Matic and Longines Heritage Aviation models for example.

You have that mix of Swiss movement tech and British design touches; The QR strap is a handy feature, the date window and 6 o’clock likewise. Then there’s the matching purple strap and those screwhead tabs securing the caseback, which look pure 1960s Morris Mini dashboard – bit too much for you?

Maybe so, but this twin sub-dial chrono certainly makes a classic statement and the detail work on the rotor, which resembles the blades on a turbo charger, add loads of visual appeal. The Swann is different – maybe not Black Swan rare, but you catch my drift – and it will never be a common sight, like say a Tudor Black Bay. You have that talking point factor, people will ask `what’s that watch all about then?’

It’s on order now with deliveries starting on the 17th November, so yeah Christmas gift wish list ticked, well and truly.

Here’s the word from Farer;

The real talking point with the Chrono-Classic collection is the movement. Dubois Dépraz is a name that needs little introduction, working with some of the world’s most famous Swiss watch brands. The DD2022 movement features a 43-hour power reserve and has an overall thickness of just 6.9mm, decorated with blue screws and finished with a bespoke bronze coloured cut out turbine rotor. When you study most Chronograph watches you will notice that the crown is off set against the start stop buttons.

Once you have noticed this it’s hard to ignore and that’s why Dubois Dépraz have created an innovative solution that aligns the crown centrally in the casing. Not only does it make ‘on wrist’ adjustment much easier but it creates an aesthetically pleasing look to the side of the case.

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