Xeric Scrambler Is a Wandering Star

Dare to be different. That was the tagline on Bike magazine way back in the 1970s and it still holds true today, whether it’s bikes, cars or watches. Xeric has a new project on Kickstarter and it features a wandering hour hand. Difficult to explain but if you imagine an outer track showing the minutes and an inner track containing bob-weights showing the hour, then you have the gist of it.

The dial itself is a jigsaw puzzle of numbers, spinning merrily on different gear trains and it is probably going to fascinate you endlessly. The rear caseback view shows a Miyota auto movement, which isn’t as appealing, but anyway, that is wrist downwards 99% of the time. Different dial colour choices and lots of superlume too.

The Horween leather straps have a padded section too, which is another quirky 1970s feature. The case is very 1970s Lanco/Camy/Lucerne/Bulova, with its recessed shoulders and polished edges. Sapphire crystal and QR strap pins too.

It’s a thoughtful, unusual piece and at $649 on Kick pre-order, it’s a tempting alternative to expensive Swiss made wandering hour watches.

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