Zodiac Super Sea Wolf, Limited Edition Meteorite Dial

Fancy a limited edition of the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf? There’s one on the blocks. The watch has a meteorite dial, which always add an extra bit of flavour, with that genuine space debris dial. This particular rock hit a part of Sweden by the way.

We love the grey bezel, which obviously works perfectly with the grey flecked dial. The lashings of super luminova also add some value. Nice to see your watch clearly in low light.

Inside the case there is a Swiss STP calibre auto movement and this is a true limited edition, with just 182 units being produced. The retail is $1795, which is kinda spicy but you have that exclusive Swiss vibe thing going on. Yes, the Zelos meteorite watch range springs to mind, which are slightly less to buy and also have Swiss movements. Made in Singapore though.

Tough choices, that’s what 2022 is all about. That’s why the Rolex Daytona/Sub bubble is pretty much popped.

So yeah, silver linings n that.

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