Yes, Montblanc The Pen Company Also Make Beautiful Watches

The Montblanc Geosphere is one of those mind-bending watches that is hard to understand until you see it up close.

Your NWC mag editor saw it at a London show a few years back and looking at it sideways, to appreciate the tech brilliance of the two domes on the dial, is really the only way to view such a hand-crafted timepiece. OK, I won’t ever own one, I thought at the time as Montblanc staff explained the trickery behind the twin rotating orbs and the price tag was a heady 14 grand or something.

But hey, fast forward to 2022 and there is a Geosphere model at £5200. Yeah, still can’t afford it and if I had a spare 5K I’d probably buy a newer motorcycle, but it is relatively affordable in the rare world of Swiss watchmaking. Roger Dubois, Urwerk, Richard Mille – that’s the millionaire stuff. The Montblanc is Selfridges level, not Bond Street.

Actually we saw this very watch online at Selfridges for £5000, cheaper than the Montblanc website.

Here’s the word from Montblanc;

“The timepiece features a manufacture world-time complication developed by the Montblanc watchmakers in Villeret: two domed globes, turning in opposite directions, that complete a full rotation in 24 hours. Both are surrounded by a scale with the 24 time zones, along with a day and night indication in contrasting colours.”

It also has a titanium case and bi-directional bezel for those worldtimer features.  At 42mm wide this is a wearable choice for many collectors looking for a dress watch with a difference. The Montblanc problem is that people immediately ask `Is that the pen company?’ when you show them your watch, but then you can explain the contra-rotating globes thing and they’ll either glaze over like slow roasted pork, or ask more questions about the watch.

There is also an oxygen free, bronze case version of the Geosphere, which is more money at $6800, which is now about £6500 sterling.

More info here.


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