Islander Pan-Am Dual Time: Jet Set 38mm You Can Afford

The 38mm wide watch continues to enjoy popularity this year and there’s every reason to buy one if you have a smaller wrist. Good for ladies who want a dial they can read easily in low light too. Y’know, not every woman wants a cocktail watch with numbers in 8-point typeface on their wrist.

So this latest Pan-Am retro theme GMT/Dual Time collection for Islander in the USA gets a tip of the ol’ Officer and A Gentleman aviator hat from us. Yeah, we keep that ice cream guy uniform in the fancy dress section of the wardrobe for Adam Levine style emergencies.

The watch comes in root beer, Pepsi or Batman dial n bezel colours and each one has its plus points. The Batman in black and blue, with Jubilee bracelet inches it for NWC mag though, just looks timeless.

Steel bracelet too, bold second hand in a contrast colour, plus the unidirectional bezel is numbered with hours so you can set a second time zone that way. Lume aplenty naturally.  Inside there’s the trusty Seiko NH36 movment with up to 40 hours of power.

Best part of it all, the $299 discount price. OK, UK buyers will stung by import duty on top, but this remains a bargain Indie brand watch with a proven automatic movement and quality details.  It would be possible to build a MOD watch yourself for the same price, maybe shave about $80 off the bill using the cheaper Aliexpress suppliers, but really..? You want the messin’ around and then end up with a no logo dial Batman at the end of it? OK then Mayonaise.

More info here.

Watch the Islander promo video here;


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