Torgoen Adds New Colours to T18 Range

We admire Torgoen because they’re creating a visual langauge in their watch designs. You see a Torgoen with its bright colours, big numbers, dials and other clues and recognise it as a Torgoen. That’s the way forward for Indie watch brands, not endless homages to Swiss prestige and luxury models in our humble view.

So say hello to a yellow strap T18 Aviation and a green model.

You get that aviation style dial, with flashes of yellow or green, plus the sub-dial hands are colour matched. The silicone straps are also in the new colours. This is a big watch case at 45mm across and the lugs are 24mm, which means you can choose from a wide range of aftermarket straps on eBay, Amazon, HS Walsh, Watch Gecko, LBS, Red Rooster, Ali Express etc.

The crystal is K1 spec mineral glass, so it should be reasonably scratch resistant. Inside the steel case there’s an ETA quartz movement, so you should expect a 20 year lifespan from that, battery every two years or so.

Price is £398 which is expensive for an independent quartz but you get that Torgoen style, which is striking and stands out in a crowd.

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