MVMT Blacktop Range Launched

OK, we know that MVMT watches are a fashion brand and there’s lots of debate on You Tube regarding their quality. NWC mag hasn’t tested one, but if we did, then the new Blacktop range might be a good choice.

The dial colours include two shades of blue, green, white and black. We like the reverse panda gold and black combo, plus the two blue dial options. Inside the 42mm case you’ll find a standard quartz movement, we guess it’s a Miyota, post a comment below if you know.

Slim style watch, big loop style lugs remind us of vintage 1950s watches and a steel bracelet.

Price is £219, which is a bit cheeky we think. You get a quality feel with a quartz Lorus, Accurist, Seiko, Citizen and many other brands at £150 or less. We even spotted a Seiko 5 dive style watch in the F Hinds Sale recently at £205, so our advice is invest in a classic automatic at this price level rather than a MVMT.

If you fancy one, here’s the MVMT website. 

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