Best of The Ali Express Summer Sale Watches

It’s the weekend, so as ever NWC has time to browse Ali Express sniffing for bargains. Here’s what we found;


Well, we wouldn’t dive using a £20 watch, let’s be blunt. Bit like the SAS going into desert combat using Daniel Wellington watches.

But you have to admit the Foxbox 47mm is a big ol’ thing, with a certain Tuna Can similarity in its design. Quartz movement and a mere 50m of water resistance make this a fashion watch.  It’s on the Lige Malls shop site at just under £21, but a flyer says that from the 22nd August the price will come down to under £15. That’s about  a tankfull of fuel for a Kawasaki Versys 300 so maybe it will tempt you?


The Pagani blue dial, snowflake finish, gents dress watch is a winner for us. Looks classy, even for an AE watch and a Japanese quartz movement too.

It has a synthetic sapphire crystal, so should be on par with mineral glass for scratch resistance. Width? This watch has a 40mm case, plus  there’s a white snowflake dial option too.

Even the steel bracelet is a dead ringer for Seiko.

Down in price from August 22nd at the official Pagani AE store.


You love the Swiss Railway style of the Mondaine and so do we. Even better when it’s an automatic movement. But the prices at Mondaine are kinda tasty and not in a Toblerone way, more of a lakeside coffee for 20 Swiss francs sort of way.

So the Berny railway styled watch, with auitomatic movement, see-thru caseback and a 50m depth rating, looks OK to us. Fair value at £36.81 on the official Berny shop site. We also spotted a decent looking IWC style Pilot watch, with lume on the hands, markers and numerals at £75 on the August 22nd deadline. Miyota auto movement as well, so should be reliable.

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