The Latest Bamford Collab Has The Snob Factor

Bamford London are renowned for doing handsome remixes of Swiss watches and their recent foray into fashion watches with Casio’s G-Shock was another winner for us at NWC mag. The latest TAG collab has the moniker Highsnobiety and it’s very much a yellow and green, youth squad, fashion brand tie-in.

Interestingly, the Snobiety website advertises the new RUF Bamford TAG as `not your Father’s Chronograph,’ which shows how brands want to distance themselves from the middle aged bloke image that surrounds watch collecting. Cannot blame them for that, and let’s be blunt some watches like the Breitling Navitimer, the Rolex Oyster or Zenith El Primero look essentially unchanged since the 1970s.

That cannot be a good thing when you want younger consumers on board. Imagine Audi still trying to flog their 80 saloon, but in Tiffany blue paintwork..

It’s got an RUF logo on the watch too, with the tuning house being a sort of AMG for the Porsche fanboi. You know, I don’t know is grass green is the right colour for Porsche sports cars. White yes, yellow for sure. Maybe those hulking huge SUV hybrid things they make to get trophy wives around Knightsbridge could look better in green?

See what you reckon regarding Porsche tuning at the RUF site here.


Last year we saw lots of green dial watches from the big name Swiss brands and this year it’s looking like red or maybe purple is more the latest flava. I like a green watch some days, but this Bamford job reminds me of old Castrol oil cans from my Dad’s garage. Nice 02 Cal movement, see thru caseback and sharp yellow chrono hand on the dial.

You get a special box and strap too, with just 100 pieces available. Price is £6500, which is kinda tasty we think – go for a Gulf colours TAG Monaco, or a blue dial Carrera and you will always find admirers – of all ages. Just saying.

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