Kickstarter Watches: RZE Valour is a 38mm Field of Dreams

A new field watch? That’s always worth a look, especially when it’s an automatic and costs way less than a Rolex Explorer. Or even a Hmailton Khaki for that matter.

Indie brand RZE have this new project on Kick right now and early bird deals start at £185, which is undeniably affordable.

OK, spec-wise we have a 38mm case naturally, with sapphire crystal and Seiko NH38 movement inside. But the case is titanium not steel, for that superlight feel. At this price level, titanium watches are thin on the ground. Or the wrist.

The watch also comes with a handy travel pouch rather than a box, which you just stick in a drawer in case you sell the watch one day. Here’s the word from RZE;

While each Valour 38 ships with a mini tarpaulin pouch multifunction pouch, upcycled from industrial grade tarpaulin to minimize our impact on the environment and maximize utility, opt for the add-on to receive our all new adventure pouch. Borrowing its namesake from the Blackcomb Peak in Whistler, British Columbia and inspired by our commitment to sustainability, the Blackcomb Pouch is perfect for your EDC; large enough to carry your cables, passport, pens or your other adventure tools!

For small things on big adventures

The interior of the Blackcomb Pouch features a durable canvas lining and heavy duty elastics to keep your gear organized and secure. With an A6 sized slot, it’s perfect to hold your passport or notebook, and you’ll never have to worry about losing your precious contents.

This stuff is why we at NWC mag love Indie brand watchmakers. They add value, they deliver on the details. You can find out more at the RZE Kick project pages here.

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