Sekonda Airborne: Yep, It’s a Budget Homage to Accurist

Sekonda and Accurist are essentially the same company – they also own Limit too – and it’s no surprise when some Sekonda models are fairly similar to Accurist watches, which tend to cost more.

So the latest cushion case Sekonda Airborne is a budget homage to the Accurist cushion case Retro Racer, which was launched last year at about £130, although you can snap it up online from £98 in the summer sale right now.

Like the Racer, the Sekonda has a 40mm  case, quartz movement, piston style pushers and 50m of water resistance. You do get three sub-dials rather than two on the Sekonda, but yeah, it is pretty much the same watch. Bonus for fashion watch fans however is the RRP of £80, which may well be reduced in the Sekonda winter Sale at Christmas time, assuming you like the style.

The Sekonda has a NATO strap rather than a leather one, but you could add a 20mm leather strap for £7 on eBay of course.

We do like the Accurist variation on the vintage chrono theme, so we say make an offer of £80 in a dealership on the High Street. They’ll probably do a little bit of banter and then give in.



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