TAG’S Red Devil Will Spark A Revival This Autumn

TAG Heuer has released a red version of its famed Carrera model and for those with a liking for bold colours, this will be a real collectors item. The most popular dial colour for gents watches is blue, by a long way, with perhaps black and champagne/silver being close runners up when it comes to chronographs.

NWC mag predicts this model will prompt a special Mars edition of the Omega Speedmaster, a red IWC Pilot and a Rolex “Big Red” tribute Cosmograph Daytona by the end of the year.

Obviously a red dial TAG has an appeal for Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Man Utd/Liverpool or even aviation fans who love the Red Arrows. Beyond the dial colour, what else is worth noting?

The 39mm case width is right on trend, and it echoes the smaller Valjoux 7733 chrono watches of the 70s, although mostly they were 37mm across. Still the latest Carrera is compact by modern 21st century standards and will feel kinda small on the wrist for watch fans used to 42/43mm chronos as their benchamrk setting.

Three sub-dials, tachymetre scale and inside there is the 80 hour Cal 02 movement.  There’s a spahhire crystal see-thru caseback and ther rotor has that steering wheel cut-out styling detail. Lots of visual appeal on thios watch with a domed crystal on the front acting as a magnifying lens from a sideview too.

Limited to just 600 pieces, it’s destined to be a rare piece and therefore in-demand, even at £5600.

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