Pagani Quartz Channels That GS Vibe

Who doesn’t love the classic lines and sheer elegance of the Grand Seiko Spring Drive, especially with a snowflake dial?

It’s a dress watch from another time, an elegant accessory to a new suit you might wear to that brainstorming office meeting. Yeah, remember those, real meetings?

The real deal from GS.

Anyway Pagani Design have the solution for the cash-strapped suave man-about-town in the shape of a new quartz watch that comes in a range of snowflakery type dials. Blue, silver grey, or black, take your pick. It’s a 40mm case, with that easily recognisable chamfered bezel, decent sized crown and an Oyster type steel bracelet.

Add some broad arrow type hands plus plain hour markers and you have a rather appealing homage watch, all for a mere $85 from the official Pagani site. 

The product description says it comes with a synthetic sapphire crystal. Hmm, how can you have sapphire glass…that isn’t glass?

But hey, let’s not not get bogged down in technical nitpicking. It’s a nice looking watch from one of the better Chinese brands out there and it isn’t going to bankrupt you. It will be available on Ali Express for slightly less at various watch stores we reckon, so target a price of about $55 and you can’t go wrong.

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