Mido Ocean Star 200 Makes a Nice Entry Level Diver

If you want a Swiss branded dive watch then you can choose something from as little as £500 to over £50,000. At the entry level you have brands like Hamilton, Tissot and Mido offering great value, nearly all powered by the Swatch Group Powermatic 80 movement.

Over 80 hours of reserve is nice to have, ditto 200m of water resistance. The Mido Ocean Star comes with a 42.5mm wide steel case, sapphire crystal and a 2 year warranty.

It retails at 890 CHF on a silicone rubber strap, or 920 CHF (£796) on a steel bracelet.

Oddly enough Mido sent us press info stating it was a new model, but a quick search on Google revealed it’s been aorund for a few years. The only difference we could see on the press pictures was the lighthouse logo on the caseback, rather than the start motif.

We saw a pre-owned steel bracelet model at £695, which is possibly a better option than buying new, although we would try to haggle that price down to £600.

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