Ali Express Moonswatch Replica – Worth £28 of Your Hard Earned?

Fake watches are big business, so we hate to support it by spending £28 of the NWC magazine budget, but we had to know – is a £28 Moonswatch Mission to Mars replica any good, or just plastic toy rubbish?

Here’s the good points;

Quite convincing dial design, even down to sub-dials and chrono function works.

Nice logo lettering on the wristband

Bad points;

Feels very cheap and plasticky

Chrono reset sends the hand back to 12.01, not 12 o’clock exactly.

Verdict: Save you cash and buy a real watch, even a homage sterile dial dive watch from China is a nicer thing on your wrist.

You can see a short video review on the NWC You Tube channel by the way.

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