Storm Just Dropped a Tissot PRX Homage

Say hello to the Storm Cirero, which bears an uncanny similarity to the Tissot PRX. Same balanced and graduated link bracelet design, which has that flush fit against the case. Totally 70s retro.

Inside the stainless steel 43mm case there’s a quartz movement and the crystal has that typical Storm splash of bright colour, with a blue chapter ring running round the very edge of the dial, plus a thin blue bezel. It looks much more upmarket than a £99 watch should frankly. You get that PRX styling, without the Tissot price tag.

TBF the Tissot quartz PRX is just £295, making it an entry level Swiss watch, but we love the value the Storm Cicero delivers when you compare it to say a Timex Q series 80s retro, which is around £175 online.

Storm also has a new Styro MX model on site now, which has the vivid blue crystal, plus 43mm case, plus a kind of 70s Rotary feel about it with those sharp edged lugs on the case and the bracelet that looks like an old school expander. Not sure if it is, the website doesn’t say. The Styro MX is £124.99 but we love the Cirero better.

More here.

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