Paula Reis Seamaster 300 Homage Launched

Thos wavy lines on the dial, the deep blue colours, the bezel rotating crown on the left side of the case and that date at 6 o’clock – it has that Omega Seasmaster 300 vibe, but costs just under £100. That’s a bargain if you love the style of the Omega but just don’t have the money to own one.

Inside the PR homage you will find a basic chinese automatic movement, which – if my own PR watch ownership is any guide – should prove reliable, albeit needing quite a bit of wrist movement and shaking to keep running through the night.

I bought a PR Omega homage about a year ago and the crown at 10 o’clock didn’t do anything by the way, just fake decoration.

The name of this model is the Mediterranean and it comes in blue, black or grey dial colours. There’s even a swirling dial 007 lookalikey variant too. Price is £99 on the PR website.

Might turn up cheaper on Ali Express in a few months…maybe.


Here’s the real deal – pretty close homage isn’t it?

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