Is Tudor’s 39mm Ranger Too Base Camp?

Many years ago my brother Neil and I divided motorcycles into two categories; the very essence and base camp.

This was the mid-80s, so bikes like the new GSXR750 or VFR750 were the very essence of sportbike performance. But stuff like a Honda CB650 or GSX550F – which I owned at the time – were base camp. Sure those bikes did the job and could be fun on the right twisty road, but their antiquated suspension, brakes and weak power made them also rans.

Being brutally honest, I feel the same about this new Ranger model from Tudor. Yes, it has an in-house Swiss movement with 70 hours of power. Sapphire crystal. 100m of resistance and comes witha 5 year warranty. It’s reasonable too, at just £2170 for the entry level model – bracelet version is £2420. These are cheap prices compared to a Rolex Explorer.

But the unadorned steel case, bezel and plain, military style dial, just don’t fire the imagination somehow. It looks built to a price point and maybe for a brand like Tudor that isn’t aspirational enough. There should be some pursuit of excellence on show surely?

I see how this Ranger is a tribute to the polar explorers of the 1950s, it also has a little bit of that Dirty Dozen WWII vibe going on. But there are a ton of indie brand watches that offer that same retro three hand dial, three lume numbers, sub-40mm case watch. Then there are the beautiful Tudor Black Bay models starting at £2920, or perhaps a Seiko Prospex Alpinist at under £700 if you’re on a budget and still want a genuine tool watch classic on the wrist.

The point is, there are loads of options, lots of better ways to spend two grand right now.

More at the Tudor site here.


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