Bell+Ross Artline Has The Streamliner Effect

Bell+Ross has sent us some info on their new BR-05 model, which is dubbed Artline.

This draws inspiration from the early passenger planes of the 1930s and the late 1940s, which often had grooves set in the aluminium fuselage. A great example is the famous Junkers JU-52 which was a workhorse passenger plane across post-war Europe.

So the B&R Artlines has those same deep grooves on its bezel plate, plus some edging on the bracelet too, which gives it a real art deco feel. Here’s the press info;

It is called Artline, a term that sums up its concept well. “When you look at it, you immediately think of the American style of the Stream-Line”, explains Bruno Belamich, co-founder of Bell & Ross.

Its folded metal casing recalls two inspirations:–   

Aero style: the first transport planes of the 1940s were indeed known for their corrugated aluminium fuselage and Urban style: aluminium is widely used in architecture. This alloy covers the facades of state-of-the-art buildings. Interior decoration also takes advantage of this material, which adorns avant-garde lighting and furnishings.

The RRP on this is £4800 and it’s limited to just 250 pieces.

More here.

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