Breguet Tourbillon 7047: Too Laid Back For Its Own Good?

In case you have won the lottery, or recently sold a large house in the South-East of England and need to spend 100K quickly, here’s the word on a new Breguet Tourbillon from Swatch Group.

“To mark the date of creation of the Tourbillon by Abraham-Louis Breguet, the brand unveils its latest model from the Tradition collection: a timepiece featuring strong colours highlighting what has remained – from past to present – one of the most fascinating horological complications of all times.

The fusée-chain tourbillon mechanism appears sprinkled with touches of blue. Various treatments have been used on all the components in order to achieve visual uniformity: the tourbillon carriage and the dial are covered with blue coatings, while the chain links are thermally blued. This new feature reflects the aesthetics of the Tradition Quantième Rétrograde 7597 launched in May and elegantly plays with blue and slate grey contrasts.”

We don’t know if slate grey is the right colour for such a bespoke vintage style timepiece. Maybe bronze, gold or a copper palette of colours to augment the vintage vibe on this movement? It doesn’t look luxury enough to us…but hey, we like a cherry red Fender Strat or a silver metalflake Moto Martin Honda CBX1000.

Interesting to note, it has a fusee chain in the movement;

“The fusée-chain tourbillon transmission device housed in the new Tourbillon 7047 serves to optimise the regularity of the watch’s operation by guaranteeing its constant torque, whatever its winding level is.

When the barrel is fully wound, it delivers its maximum force. The chain then acts on the top of the fusée and therefore on its smallest circumference. As the chain unwinds, its torque decreases yet acts in parallel on the widest part of the fusée – its base – thus ensuring the constant force of the energy is delivered.”

Price? Not easy to find out so let’s take a guess at £180,000, based on the prices they’ve asked for platinum cased Tradition models in the past. We think Breguet might struggle to sell many given that Russian billionaires are mysteriously Epsteining themselves to death one by one recently. Just saying.


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