Breitling Give The Superocean a Modern Makeover

Breitling has given its Superocean range a long overdue makeover. The results are refreshing, a little bit MOD watch dare we say?

If you look at the chunky hour markers, the deep dish chapter ring and the little 15min countdown markers on the bezel, you can see a raft of MOD watch details in this new design.

That’s no bad thing in NWC magazine’s view, as Breitling is in danger of becoming an `old man’s brand’ to some extent.

The bold dial colours and the new emphasis on a versatile, wear-it-everyday ethos, show that dive watch styling triumphs over dive watch function for Breitling.

A 300m depth resistance is class average, not class leading, but come on, when was the last time you ventured below a few fathoms in a pool, or in the sea on holiday? Who really needs super deep 1000m watches?

Pro divers and secret agents, that’s who. So if you actually work in a regular type job then maybe 300m is enough…

The new Superocean also has some extra lume too, which combats challengers like Ball, Bremont or Blancpain – and that’s just the brands beginning with B.

Bright dial lume is a must now, even though it’s practical use is limited – that’s just how dive watches are marketed.

Here’s the word from Breitling;

“The new collection retraces the pared-down aesthetic of the original SuperOcean Slow Motion from the 1960s and 1970s, while adding modern features and a bright palette of color. Plus, it’s no longer strictly a dive watch—surf with it, swim with it, hit the beach bar with it. 

In the 1960s, the emerging sport of scuba diving was all the rage, inspired by the adventures of ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau.

In diving, timing was everything—measured almost exclusively in minutes—and Breitling wanted to not only provide the best tool watch for the task, but to give it a sense of style.

Out went subtle indexes in favor of chunky luminescent batons for easy readability. And, in the boldest move of all, Breitling did away with the seconds hand, since divers didn’t really need it.

In its place came a revolutionary minutes-based chronograph, dubbed the “Slow Motion” because it took an hour to make a full rotation of the dial.

Today, Breitling launches a new Superocean that goes back to the Slow Motion’s simplified tool-watch philosophy. While the collection has been revised to meet the needs of modern wearers (the seconds hand was, of course, a must), a keen eye will spot several design nods to the original. “

The Swiss brand also checked the box marked smaller case sizes too, with a range of case diameters and materials used,

“Available in four sizes (46, 44, 42, and 36 mm), the collection’s colorful dials are paired with three different case metals—steel, steel-gold, and bronze.

The special alloy used in the 44  and 42 mm bronze versions has an excellent resistance to corrosion. But it will still develop a subtle patina over time, that makes the watch even more unique.

The two strap options (a sporty rubber strap and a new three-row metal bracelet) have a folding clasp that allows for micro-adjustments of up to 15 mm for easy wear over rashies and dive suits. ”

The cheapest prices we have seen on the new range, with a 42mm/44mm case width, is about £3750 in the UK. Expect dealers to take offers above 3K on Superocean II stocks.

More info here.


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