Islander Northport: Affordable Diver is a Contender

There are lots of 200m dive watches on the market from Indie brands, so competition is fierce right now. That said not many have purple gradient dials, like the Islander Northport from Island Watch USA.

The twist with this is it features a hi-beat movement too, which is unusual, as you generally find the DG/Mingzu in budget automatic divers, or the trusty Seiko NH35. Nowt wrong with them, but a hi-beat does add some bragging rights and accuracy, since that’s the whole point of a faster beating movement.

Here’s the word from Island Watch;

“Powering the Islander Northport is a Miyota 9015 movement, which beats at 28,800 beats per hour resulting in a seconds hand that ticks 8 times per second – a very smooth appearance. The movement can be handwound and hacks (seconds hand stops when you set the time) and has a power reserve of about 40 hours.”

OK, this retails at $399, which is not cheap, nor is it crazy-as-Nancy expensive. It’s got a 40mm steel case, bracelet obvs, plus 120 click bezel for those underwater excursions as you dodge the hitmen hired by the January 6th inquiry team. Handy.

Also has an AR coated sapphire crystal, plus there’s a beautiful blue version too. Green if you like.

Look just visit their site and see what’s what OK?

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