Kickstarter Watches: Axios Tribune, Automatic For The People

Axios has a new watch project on Kickstarter, which is fully funded already. The Tribune model is a slim 38mm dress watch, in a variety of dial colours. Very vintage themed, it also has a Horween type strap and a two piece dial, so the inner track really stands out.

Here’s the word;

“We’ve worked with the same factories and logistics partners over several successful Kickstarter projects (Axios, Zelos, Ventus) and have shipped out thousands of watches across the globe. These relationships have enabled Axios Watches to not only lower our costs but to be assured of the quality of our timepieces and the reliability of our logistics. This is how we are able to offer superior value at a compelling price point with the Axios collections.”

There is also a meteorite dial option too.

Inside there is a Miyoya 9039 movement. The Pre-Order deals start at $339 by the way.

More info here.


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