Hamilton Ventura XXL: Viva La Deco

The Hamilton Ventura is a true oddity. It’s something quirky and has a strange kind of charm, but it’s probably always going to be less satisfying than a conventional watch. Owners will always get asked `why did you buy a triangular watch?’

Yes, Elvis famously owned a Ventura, but then Elvis also had a bathroom cabinet that resembled a recently burgled Walgreens. Not everything Elvis did should be imitated.

The latest variation from Hamilton on the Ventura watch is a skeleton dial affair, with plenty of views of the H10 movement inside. The best feature is arguably the beautifully art-deco case, which has chamfered edges and has a sort of Radio Ga-Ga/Metropolis video look about it.  It’s a very wide watch at 46mm by the way, so you might need chunky wrists to carry this one off.

The strap is silicone and looks tailored to fit the unusual case, so when it wears out expect limited options on getting a replacement.

The Ventura XXL retails at £1590 in the UK. More here.

Verdict; Got lots of visual punch, but there are better ways to spend £1600.

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