Torgoen Mustang T51, Genuinely Collectable

The latest watch from Torgoen celebrates the achievements of the great P51 Mustang fighter plane of WWII. Plus it’s a true collectors item as a piece of scrapped P51 Mustang wing is used for the dial plate.

Here’s the word;

“Pacific Fighters provided reclaimed aluminum from the right wing of a vintage P-51 Mustang, which our team of industrial designers then used to create the watch’s unique dial surface. The authentic quality of the metal means that no two watches are the same.

The custom-designed T51 case back features an illustration of the Mustang, as well as an engraved serial number for each of the 100 units produced.”

We love the Mustang logo on the caseback too.

Verdict; One for the aviation fans, this watch has a collectors edition box and packaging too. It’s expensive at £410 for a quartz Indie brand, but arguably almost a MOD watch as the unique dial plate means each piece is slightly different.

More here at Torgoen’s site.

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