Petrolhead Watches, From Budget to Luxury

There’s something magic about watches that tie in with motorsport, classic cars or motorcycles. It’s the gear cogs I reckon, the dials and needles etc.

All engineering is fascinating, whether it’s a Honda NSR400 with ceramic liners and two stroke soundtrack, or a Breitling Avenger…which is better than any Chrysler Avenger for sure, even the V8 Tiger. Oh yeah, they made a V8 Hillman Avenger one time.

But I digress, let’s round up some petrolhead watches, starting at the budget end.


This company essentially put car and motorcycle related logos onto dial plates. The watches are basic quartz units, but at about £25-£40, you can’t really complain. Cheap way to show your loyalty to Audi, BMW, Honda, Yamaha, VW etc.

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The famous motorcycle clothing brand might not officially make watches, but we saw this one on Amazon at £25. Made in China with a quartz movement. Might be OK as a novelty gift.


OK, it’s probably copyright infringement, but the Redbubble TAG Monaco wall clock looks the part and at £27 online, it’s a cheap way to jazz up that man cave or workshop.

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Arguably one of the most popular MotoGP racers, Nicky Hayden still has fans around the world. The watch is still listed on the Tissot UK website, although it’s out of stock. But if there is a chance this model makes a return, then it’s definitely worth collecting.

Last production run was 4999 units, so a few come up pre-owned. Quartz movement, but the helmet case and the history of Nicky’s career make it a future classic.


The special edition black and yellow Senna model from TAG is another watch that is bound to become a classic item. Quartz movement again, which isn’t impressive for a two grand price tag at all, but you get an engraved caseback, special tyre tread strap too.

If you cannot afford the 5K entry price for the TAG Monaco Gulf edition, then it makes a decent alternative.


No other brand loves motorsport as much. I actually own an Alfa Romeo themed clock from this brand and would love a classic Alfa Spider 939 themed watch too.

From watches that celebrate famous tracks like Zandvoort, or great events like the Dakar, or WSB race series, there’s something for everyone. The Toprak WSB Yamaha chrono is a fave right now and it’s limited to 300 pieces and retails at £350.

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