LIV Greener With a Valjoux 7750

The Valjoux 7750 remains one of our fave watch movements here at NWC mag. Why? Reliability that’s why. It just keeps going, for decades, which is what you want from a Swiss movement in our view.

For although fancy complications are always interesting to brag about or look at via a caseback crystal, you can’t beat the feeling of picking up an old faithful watch and knowing that it will keep telling the time accurately.

Many 7750 powered watches retail at over £2000, some are over 3K. But one way to buy into this Honda Jazz level of reliable timekeeping is to try a LIV watch. Like this GX-AC Envy, which has those extra green touches too.

We love the four layer sandwich dial, which lets the green peek through. Love the chunky trademark LIV case, which always looks post-industrial and built to last. Screw down crown, sapphire crystal and 100m of resistance too.

Best of all it sells for £904 and it’s a limited edition. We reckon you can’t go wrong on this watch, someone will always want to buy it from you and the 7750 engine alone is worth 500 notes as a spare unit.

You also get a 5 year warranty.

More at the LIV site here.

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