Baltic Bicompax 002 is Retro Heaven

Baltic has brought back the Bicompax chrono model, and the 002 version has a more retro dial design, plus the ST1901 movement inside the case.

It’s still 38mm wide, which is the same sort of width your classic Venus/Valjoux 7733 movement watches from the 60s and 70s were, give or take 1mm. Twin sub dials give you essential readings, an Italian calf strap adds a luxury touch and it has an acrylic domed crystal.

The price got lower too, now it’s 540 euros. There are three dial colours; black, blue or silver.

If you want a vintage 7733 Swiss watch then the price will be about £500 for a shed with missing paint and dodgy pushers, or about £1200-£1500 for a nice Top Time. So this Baltic offers the same experience but cheaper and with a guarantee.

More here.

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