Total Bargain: 100mm Dive Watch For £20

You have to admire Argos UK, they know how to hammer prices in these hyper inflationary times.

How does £19.99 for a 100m Casio dive watch sound? Yes, we thought so too, which is why we bought one. The MRW design has been around for years now and in some regards this is a modern classic.

Like many Casio watches it’s all about function, so you get a big 44mm wide case, with large numbers in white set on a black dial. There is a touch of lume too. Plastic case and strap so water resistance all round. We like the crown protector tabs too.

The crown really does click home with a solid push, to add some reassurance. By the way that click-style bezel isn’t just for show, it rotates anti-clockwise so you can  set say 15/30 mins in the water if you are diving in shallow water.

One extra detail that we liked was the number of holes in the strap, which gives you flexibility when wearing the watch. It sounds daft, but many watches have too few holes, so if you’re skinny then you have to attack the strap with a sharp tool to make an extra hole or two.

The watch was delivered the next day by Sainsbury’s and comes with box and paperwork.

Verdict; There’s no better value water resistant watch at this price, most twenty quid watches are a bit poorly made, but Casio are consistently producing durable, reliable timekeepers. Amazing.

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