You Want More Fifty Fathoms Goodness, No, You Do

You can nevr have too many variations on the classic Blancpain Fifty Fathoms dive watch. OK, we haven’t got the Covid loan cash to buy them but if we did, then one of this moonphase pair – just released – would be on the shopping list.

First up is a titanium case model, which also has a titanium strap. So a lightweight everyday watch, plus it has that dive capability if you are on holiday and fancy a snorkelling session.

It’s a triple date, with the date hand showing that info, then two windows featuring the month and the day of the week. Add on a moonphase complication and it’s a busy dial, although at 43mm case diameter there is room for that detail.

This one costs £…er we don’t know, Blancpain haven’t said yet. Let’s guess at 12K or so.


The rose gold case model does have a price on the website, at £26,200. You also get little flashes of red on the hands, which contrasts nicely with the blue gradient dial.

Same 43mm case width, moonphase function and triple day/date features. You get a strap made from sailcloth, which is a nice nautical touch, but frankly for 26 grand I would expect a gold plated bracelet option for evenings too.

Verdict; timeless styling, Blancpain name carries some strong resale value, gold case model probably going to lose you some money, try a Rolex instead.

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