Reviewed: Sekonda Classic Has 60s Style, Modern Quartz Movt

Have to admit I love old Sekonda mechanical watches.

The very first watch I fixed was a dead Sekonda/Raketa TV dial thing from the 70s which was clogged with dirt, cost a fiver at a watch show. Deep joy getting it going with a simple clean up, and it still runs 9 years later. Yeah I got lucky…

The modern Sekonda watches are a UK brand, assembled somewhere in the Far East, could be Hong Kong, but equally that could be a trading office which actually commissions assembly work in mainland China.

But who cares when a modern retro watch, a homage to the 60s Sekonda with two lines across the dial and the day/date feature, looks this good?

It even has a high dome crystal for that authentic old school look.

Hour markers are identical to the vintage Sekonda mechanicals of old.

Bought this from Argos for under £35, which is the cheaspest UK price I have seen by the way. It costs about £70 if you just walk into a jeweller’s shop, so well worth shopping online for the best deal.

One more thing impresses me on this watch; the quality and feel of the leather strap. It’s thick, durable and has twin retaining loops as well. Not a cheapo strap at all.

Also available with a green dial, but not on the Argos site.

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