Autodromo Sorts Out That Annoying Import Duty Racket

Autodromo have resolved that annoying import duty thing for UK buyers. As many people know, the EU has decided to punish UK citizens for daring to leave their globalist empire by insisting that variable import duties are paid when UK goods are sold in the EU, or bought in the UK and therefore imported from any other country.

When buying watches, it’s often hard to work out how much you have to pay on top, until a courier or Royal Mail arrives with the package and a hefty bill.

But Bradley Price from Autodromo has sorted this one out, here’s the word;

Autodromo has partnered with Global E to offer free international shipping via DHL on orders over $200 USD, with duty and taxes paid at checkout. You will also shop in your home currency of choice.

Once you place your order, we guarantee no further charges at delivery in your home country. The days of the delivery driver collecting taxes on your watch are over

With Global E, there is no more uncertainty about how much tax you will pay, or what the exchange rate will be. What you pay at checkout is all you’ll pay from here forward.

We welcome your feedback about this new service.

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