The Led Zeppelin Remasters Approach

Most Swiss watch manufacturers have an amazing heritage. Some even have old stocks of parts, or complete movements.

NWC mag reckons that by taking a cue from the highly successful Led Zeppelin Remasters collection decades ago, watch brands can offer truly limited edition, bespoke pieces, which will attract high retail prices and collector interest.

Let’s be blunt here, a limited run of say 1000 pieces isn’t that exclusive and that’s what today’s property, Covid loan fraud and NFT hucksters desire; something rare, unique, and very, very expensive.

So hats off to Zenith who are releasing ten spruced up movements, re-imagined by an indy watchmaker. Remixing the past can work wonders. Here’s the press info;

“ZENITH makes its most awarded historical movement from the golden age of observatory chronometer competitions, the Calibre 135-O, available to acquire for the first time ever.

An idea initiated by Phillips auction house’s Aurel Bacs and Alex Ghotbi, the Manufacture invited renowned independent watchmaker Kari Voutilainen to restore and hand-decorate a batch of competition-winning Calibre 135-O movements. The result is a contemporary chronometer produced in a series of 10 pieces.”


This is another brand who are doing something interesting with older mechanical movements. A batch of 1958 UT 600 calibres has been reworked to create new, semi-skeleton models, all hand built.

You can even have an 18K rose gold case if you want to go super exclusive and spend about £14,000. More here. 


If you like the idea of buying a refurbished older calibre watch then Vinmov can offer something classic for under £400. Featuring vintage movements from Universal Geneve, Zenith, Longines, Omega, Movado and many more, these have new dials, hands and cases of course.

It’s a nice solution because you’re getting lots of work done and a complete watch, rather than paying a watchmaker to restore a vintage 60s/70s timepiece.

Or you can buy the movement and then create your own vintage MOD watch. Doesn’t get more exclusive than that.

More here.


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