Timex Joins The Ocean Waste Watch Movement

More watch brands are now making watches from recycled plastic waste that’s clogging up the oceans and rivers of the world.

It’s a good thing naturally, although whether it will placate the eco-zealots who are hoping to ban consumerism full stop – as in, you will own nothing and be happy, remains to be seen.

Anyway, what’s the Timex Waterbury plastic waste model range like?

The first thing that strikes you from the pictures is that the material looks like bathroom tiling, complete with flecks in the plastic. There’s a variety of colours in the range, with 36mm and 42mm case widths, although the Timex website offers a 41mm model on some pages…confusing.

Inside you get a quartz movement and outside there’s a mineral glass crystal. Bracelet is made from recycled plastic waste too.

Watch the promo video here by the way;

For £90 you get to impress your friends with your woke eco-credentials, which is nice. As a watch, we think that Skagen, Triwa or Picto offer more interesting and visually appealing designs for about the same money.

If you want to spend more cash then Luminox and Baume offer more stylish alternatives, also using ocean waste materials.

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