Ball Engineer III – Maverick Edition

The latest from Ball watches is a remix of an old fave. Hard to beat the classic Pepsi bezel, cyclops date window and big numbers on the dial. Here’s the word from Ball on this 1000 pieces limited edition.

Nope, we don’t really get the Maverick connection, except that Top Gun II is out  right now.

The new Engineer III Maverick GMT ascends to rarefied air with our Chronometer Manufacture GMT Caliber 7337-C – a true GMT with quick-jump ingenuity. The pristine precision is complemented by unmatched brightness, highlighted by the rotating sapphire bezel illuminated by micro gas lights. An aviator’s ally with design and ingenuity to challenge all headwinds.
Watch the promo video here;
Limited to 1000 pieces each and is now available for pre-order until 6 July 2022 at an exclusive price of £2210.
There’s a Tiffany blue dial variant as well by the way, which we like better than the dark blue.

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