MVMT Offers Recycled Pacific Blue Watch

Lots of watch brands are now making use of recycled ocean waste, and that’s a good thing.

Much as we detest the woke hypocrisy of celebs taking private jets to Davos and lecturing us on owning no petrol/diesel cars, taking no holidays and eating maggots, we can see that grabbing plastic waste from the seas and making it into something else is good karma.

So yeah, fashion brand MVMT are doing the right thing and creating a solar powered watch for $160 with a mineral crystal and ocean sourced fibre strap. It’s all good.

Comes in green or blue, with 45mm or 38mm case width available. Yes, you can buy a Citizen Eco-Drive for about the same money, but it lacks the recycled kudos of the MVMT.

More here.

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