Classic Car Hang-Out Opens in West London

Do you love classic cars? We certainly do here at NWC magazine, so here’s some info on the new pop-up Plonkers Bar, which is based in West London. Could be worth a road trip this summer;

Retro-inspired wine and cocktail bar Plonkers Bar is set to launch this Platinum Jubilee Weekend inside popular Wes Anderson-esque classic and supercar showroom Duke of London in Brentford, West London.

  • All-new Plonkers Bar opens its doors inside classic car hub Duke of London, based in Ballymore’s The Brentford Project, in Brentford, West London
  • Plonkers is a new wine bar featuring close to 100 labels from all over the world focusing on low-intervention, organic, biodynamic and natural wines from both new wave boutique producers and iconic wineries. The drinks menu also includes signature cocktails, craft beers and non-alcoholic options
  • Looking out to a classic car showroom, Plonkers Bar – designed by Georgia Peck – is a mid-century-modern-inspired luxurious lounge space, with design inspiration from Miami Vice, Mad Men and Soho in the ‘70s, featuring a leopard print carpet, luxurious velour armchairs and collectable vintage pieces and art
  • Plonkers Bar is owned by Merlin McCormack, owner of Duke of London, and run by fine wine consultant Csaba Toth
  • Plonkers Bar is open as a pop-up every Friday (1700-2300) and Saturday (1300-2300) with special events on Thursday evenings. Bookings strongly advised by contacting @plonkersbar on Instagram or email at

London’s coolest classic and supercar destination Duke of London – based in Brentford, West London – opens a new retro-inspired wine and cocktail bar – Plonkers Bar – inside their pastel pink, automotive-themed warehouse space, which is home to a vast and eclectic collection of rare and exotic classic cars and motorcycles. A first of its kind destination within the automotive and wine industry, the launch proves an exciting addition to the local area and Ballymore’s The Brentford Project, bringing some vintage glamour, va-va-voom and a new place to socialise in style within the developing riverside town.

Officially opened to the public on 2 June 2022 for the Platinum Jubilee Weekend, the Plonkers Bar hosted a ‘Plonkers’ Classics ‘ event with a 50-piece classic and supercar display outside, and exciting English wines and cocktails.

Plonkers Bar was conceived when wine-enthusiast and classic car hub owner Merlin McCormack, and his wine consultant friend, Csaba Toth, decided to embark on a venture that would help share their long-standing passion for good ‘plonk’ and bring some much-needed luxury hospitality to the local area. Both masters of their trade and obsessed with wine, they set about opening their very first wine bar together.

Plonkers Bar is a novel concept where funky music, fine wine, retro interior design, and classic, vintage and supercars all come together under one thriving roof of creative industries. The bar aims to bring a new social life to the burgeoning West London suburb, catering for both the wine connoisseur and those that just ‘fancy a glass of something delightful.’ It is the perfect location for date night, special occasions or just a night spent relaxing, dancing or drinking with friends.

Plonkers Wine Bar is starting out life as a pop-up, running from Thursdays to Saturdays throughout the year:

• Thursday evenings will be informal, yet informative tasting events;

• Fridays from 1700-2300 is ‘party night’ with a disco vibe, lively DJ set, and weekly classic car meet;

• Saturdays from 1300-2300 will be themed around funky soundtracks, fine wines and al-fresco seating in fine weather.

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