Seestern Grand Seiko Homage, Worth a Look?

Chinese brand Seestern is one of the better choices on AliExpress. True, their dive models tend to cost a bit more than a `sterile’ dial, DG movement rival. But you get a bit more quality control with the brands like Pagani, Heimdallr, San Martin and others – including Seestern.

So the latest model is a homage to the Grand Seiko and yes, we hear you chuckling at the back. How can anyone imitate the handcrafted elegance of a GS watch?

No, you can’t match the manufacturing excellence, but you can automate the production of an affordable replica. OK, this watch might last a few years, rather than a lifetime like a real Grand Seiko, but hey, you wouldn’t be here if all you wanted to buy was 10K timepieces.

So what do you get for $229?

A steel case, 40mm diameter and a Seiko NH35 movement inside. Sapphire crystal, plus AR coating. Steel bracelet, free leather strap and a classic dress watch dial design. Colours are deep blue, light blue, white, champagne, black or silver grey.

See thru caseback as well. Plus 200m claimed water resistance.

Verdict; a class act, and about the same cost as a high quality DIY MOD watch project would cost to make.

More here.


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