Timex Stranger Things T80 is Collectable Nostalgia

Stranger Things is one of many TV shows that tap into that nostalgic affection for the 80s. Pre-internet, life was simple and a digital watch plus calculator was about as hi-tech as your life got in your teenage years.

So the Timex T80 digital homage to its past gets an extra collectors vibe with the Stranger Things Netflix tie-in.

True, this isn’t Star Wars merch, so don’t bet on this Timex edition being worth like £500 in the 2040s. You’ll need an original Moonswatch plus packaging for that. But still, it’s different and for us, the T80 suits the whole Stranger look better than the Timex chrono or Camper models, also launched this week.

Price on the T80 is £80, which is expensive compared to  a basic Casio 80s digital online, but cheap compared to retro trainers, a genuine 80s arcade machine or a ticket to see Cyndi Lauper.

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