Love That Tiffany Blue? Pagani Quartz Chrono Does The Job

Tiffany blue dial watches have bee one of the most popular in 2022, after Rolex Daytona values soared during lockdown. Some optimists are asking over £140,000 for a Tiff blue Daytona pre-loved, and we say that is batsh** crazy, even if you’re on the Pelosi share tipster payroll.

No, what us mere mortals can do is purchase a Pagani quartz Tiffany blue chronograph. It has the trust Seiko VK63 meca-quartz movement inside, so you have that reliability factor that some Chinese movements don’t deliver.

Plus a sapphire crystal and steel case, steel bracelet, and a handy 100m water resistance make this an everyday watch that you don’t have to apologise for.

It retails from the Pagani site in the UK at just over £60 – or $74.99. You can get it with a salmon pink dial, white or bright green too.

Might be cheaper on AliExpress, but you have that slow supply/delivery time, plus the jobsworths at UK customs poking their nose into your watch purchases to see if they can add any import duty.

More here. 

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