Tudor Black Bay Pro: Bare Bones Beauty

Sometimes less is more.

For example, we like custom motorcycles at NWC mag and let’s be honest, you can overegg the cafe racer pudding basin sometimes with too many 59 numerals on your seat hump, or anodised cantilever rearsets.

It’s the same with watches, which is why the Black Bay Pro, looking like a freshly sanded gas tank for a Enfield Interceptor project, floats our boat.

True, the Black Bay bronze has a medallion magnificence that catches the eye, but this new BB Pro model has a lean, clean look that won’t ever date.

Specs-wise it’s got a COSC grade Tudor MT movement in there, with 70 hours of reserve.  Then there’s lume, just look at the detail of finishing on it. Yes, this is a tool watch designed by people who own several Swiss army knives – and sharpen them.

Then there’s the non-ceramic bezel. In an era when every Indie dive watch now boasts a ceramic insert bezel, Tudor just went back to the 90s and polished the metal a bit. It works.

Starts at £2840 on a fabric strap, just over 3K for the steel bracelet. With a 39mm case width this is arguably the perfect all-rounder Swiss watch. Expect a waiting list.

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