Bremont C Type Jag Has a Classic Elegance

Bremont have carved out their own niche in UK watchmaking and classic car affinity watches are a big part of that. Same with Breitling for Bentley really, except we like the sharp, clean looks of this new C-Type better than the Cluedo library vibe the Bentley has.

Here’s some inspirtation/history from Bremont;

In 1948 Jaguar launched its first post-war sports car at The London Motor Show, the Jaguar XK120. Inspired by its design, the XK120 C was later introduced in 1951, which became widely known as the Jaguar C-type for ‘Competition’ and renowned as a pioneering race car exuding elegance and sophistication.

The car was a huge success and unbeatable on the track due to its curvy aerodynamic aluminium bodywork, sophisticated dual-overhead cam 3.4 litre straight sixengine culminating in winning the 1951 and 1953 celebrated 24 hours Le Mans Race and setting a new lap record in the process.

The C-type was the first ever race car to use pioneering disc brake technology.


Good question. If you compare to say a TAG Monaco, then I think we are in the same territory, in that both have respectable Swiss movements, but nothing ground breaking. Similar price point and motorsport heritage too.

Bremont take a Swiss engine and modify it, so it’s a bit like Alpina BMW, or AMG Merc.

You get a 42 hour reserve from the in-house, modified 27 jewel movement. Domed sapphire crystal has an AR coating, plus the retro strap looks elegant and the date window is nice and bold, in proportion we would say. Like the red zone tachometer detail too.

The issue for collectors is whether the Bremont C-Type will hold the same value as a Monaco after say 5 years? Probably not I would say, based on the lack of interest when I was selling them in a pawnbrokers a few years back – many blokes simply have no clue about Bremont and aren’t interested. They want a Rolex, Breitling, TAG, Omega or Patek. They want an investment and status symbol.

In that regard Bremont are always going to struggle. But yes, this is a superb looking chronograph and if you want to buy British, it is assembled right here in England.

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